Apple TV App Could Soon Launch on Android

Apple TV app could soon be available on Android, according to Twitter leaker ShrimpApplePro.

The availability of the Apple TV app on Android smartphones would provide a more convenient way for Android users to access the Apple TV+ streaming service. Currently, Android users have to rely on the website to access the service.

The Apple TV app allows users to stream Apple TV+, buy or rent TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store, and more. Its availability on Android smartphones could help to increase the viewership of Apple TV+ and boost Apple’s services revenue. This move could also be seen as a way for Apple to compete against other streaming giants, such as Disney+, Netflix, and HBO.

On the whole, the availability of the Apple TV app on Android smartphones could be beneficial for both Apple and Android users. Android users will have a more convenient way to access the Apple TV+ service, while Apple may be able to expand its customer base and potentially increase its revenue.

It will be interesting to see how this development progresses and what new features and functionality the app will bring to Android users.

Source: Twitter

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