Apple Stops Signing iOS 13.6 Following Release of iOS 13.6.1

Following the release of iOS 13.6.1 last week, Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.6. This means it will no longer be possible for iPhone users to downgrade back to it.

iOS 13.6.1 is a relatively minor update that fixes some underlying bugs with iOS. It does not bring any other notable changes to the OS, though given that Apple is now focusing on the upcoming iOS 14 release, this should be expected. If you have already updated your iPhone to iOS 13.6.1, there is little reason as to why you should consider moving back to iOS 13.6. None of the jailbreak tools like Unc0ver or Checkra1n work with iOS 13.6 – iOS 13.6.1 so you cannot jailbreak your device. Checkra1n should be updated soon with iOS 13.6.1 support since it relies on a bootrom-level exploit but it only works with iPhone X and older devices.

With iOS 14 public release fast approaching, it is unlikely that we are going to see an iOS 13.6.1 jailbreak as developers are focusing their efforts on finding a jailbreak for the upcoming iOS 14 release.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone and you value your jailbreak tweaks, I’d strongly recommend you to stick to your existing setup as after the release of iOS 13.5, Apple has not introduced any major usability changes to the OS. Do check out some useful jailbreak tweaks and sources for your iOS 13 jailbreak to further enhance the experience of using your device.

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