Apple Says App Store Created Over 300K Jobs Since April Last Year Amid Antitrust Battle

Apple Says App Store Created Over 300K Jobs Since April Last Year Amid Antitrust Battle

Apple is currently under immense pressure from developers for its monopolistic App Store policies. The company has been criticized by a barrage of developers including Spotify, Facebook, Microsoft, and Epic Games, with the latter even taking it to court over this. Amidst all this, Apple has issued a press release highlighting that the iOS app economy has created 300,000 new jobs since April 2019 in the US alone.

The Cupertino company notes that the App Store supports over 2.7 million jobs across the United States, up from 2.1 million jobs from last year.

Apple highlights the growth of Caribu, a small company in Miami, that had to triple its team size from four to 12 employees to meet the tenfold increase in global demand.

App Store Economy

“We’ve had incredible growth in the last year, and we’ve massively expanded our team to meet demand,” says Tuchman. “It means so much to us to not only be able to help connect families and friends at this difficult time, but to be able to provide stable, well-paying jobs to our growing number of employees as well. The App Store has given us a platform on which we can do both.”

In Texas, the iOS app economy added 36,000 new jobs in the last year — an increase of 30 percent from last year. Texas-based retailer H-E-B, which was founded in 1905 and operates over 350 stores over the US, has achieved its 2021 revenue goals in a matter of months since it launched its My H-E-B just before the pandemic.

Apple is further helping the app economy by investing in educational programs and opportunities with its Swift Playgrounds, Everyone Can Code, and App Development with Swift program.

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