September 24, 2022
Apple Once Prototyped a Mac Mini With an iPod Dock

Apple once worked on a Mac mini with a built-in dock for the iPod nano as images shared by @DongleBookPro show.

The EVT Mac mini shown in the photos is the first-generation mini with a 30-pin connector at the top where one could dock their iPod nano. The project was scrapped at Apple and never saw the light of the day. Nonetheless, such prototype images do give us a glimpse at various iterations and ideas that Apple tries internally before releasing a product to consumers.

The first-generation Mac mini was released by Apple in 2005 which is around the same time that iPod sales were taking off. Thus, it makes sense for Apple to consider offering a dock for the iPod nano on the Mac mini. However, since the iPod’s design changed over the years, Apple must have realized that including a dock would only be useful for a limited lifespan. Seemingly, Apple had removed the iPod docks from its Mac mini lineup at the last minute. The company had initially planned on offering the dock on only the top-of-the-line Mac mini before scrapping the idea entirely for some reason.

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Do you think Apple adding an iPod dock to the Mac mini would have been a useful move? Would you want to see something similar for iPhones in new Macs now? Maybe the top of the Mac mini can act as a wireless charger for iPhones and AirPods?

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