Apple Launches Web Portal for Apple Card, Can Be Used to View Statements and Pay Bills

Apple Launches Web Portal for Apple Card, Can Be Used to View Statements and Pay Bills

Apple has been quietly improving the Apple Card experience for users by offering financing options for Apple products and discounts on buying services. The company even started offering a detailed transaction history and the ability to export data in OFX file formats. Now, the company has launched a dedicated web portal for the Apple Card.

Earlier, Apple Card users could view day-to-day transaction data only through the Wallet app on the iPhone. This meant that not having their smartphone handy would not allow users to view Apple Card statements or transactions. However, the new web portal for Apple Card can be accessed using any web browser and customers can use it to view transactions, statements, and to pay credit card bills.

Apple Card users can also view the remaining card balance and schedule payments using the new web portal. They can also view payment due amount as well as the payment due date. The web portal also has a handy shortcut to contact Apple Card support in case of inquiries and doubts. Prior to this if you lost your iPhone, the only way to pay credit card bills was to contact Goldman Sachs via telephoto support.

The Apple Card was quite low on features when it was first launched. A few weeks later, Apple started offering a way to export Apple Card monthly statements into CSV files so that users could import them into the choice of their favorite budgeting app. The company also offers various interest-free financing schemes to buy Apple products such as AirPodsiPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and more if the transaction is made using an Apple Card.

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The Cupertino-based company also allowed users to defer their credit card bill payments during the COVID-19 situation. Apple Card was created in partnership with Goldman Sachs, and Apple claims that the experience of using an Apple Card is much better than using any other credit card.

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