Apple Extends 24-Month Interest-Free Financing for Sim-Free iPhones with Apple Card

Apple Extends 24-Month Interest-Free Financing for Sim-Free iPhones with Apple Card

Apple is finally offering interest-free financing for unlocked iPhone via Apple Card. As per a Reddit post, unlocked and SIM-Free iPhones can be purchased using Apple Card and the company will not levy any sort of interest or processing fee.

With the help of monthly installments, you can pay for your iPhone in 24 months. This will help greatly reduce financial burden while not having to pay any additional interest. Each installment will be billed to your Apple Card by the end of every month.

Previously, Apple was offering interest-free installments only for carrier-locked iPhones. It is also worth noting that Apple offers a zero-interest installment plan via the iPhone Upgrade program. Furthermore, you will get 3% cashback on each installment. Thanks to this offer your iPhone no longer needs to be carrier locked in order to avail of the interest-free finance plan. Apple already had a stellar quarter and financing schemes like this one should help further increase the sales.

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If you are looking out to buy the new iPhone’s then it makes a lot of sense to opt for intterest free financing. Moreover, you will also get a 3% discount on the price of the iPhone which is an added bonus. Apple recently announced that Apple Card users can export their monthly statements into CSV format. Once done you can import it on your favorate financing apps and let it do the number crunching.

Apple Card is a joint venture between Apple and Goldman Sachs, and it was launched in August of last year. The Titanium engraved card (Mastercard) has concealed card numbers, and it offers various benefits and features, including cash backs, rewards, spend tracking.

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