Apple Continues Crackdown On Leaks, Sends Warning Letters To Reliable Leaker

Apple seems to be legal actions on leakers in a bid to cut down on leaks. Apple lawyers have sent out legal warnings to reliable leakers like “Kang” and others for sharing information about upcoming Apple products ahead of their official release.

Apple’s legal team only seems to have issued a warning to Kang and other leakers. They have been warned not to disseminate information about upcoming Apple devices because it could “mislead customers,” as some of the leaks might not always be true. The leaks could also give Apple’s competitors an advantage over it.

Apple’s lawyers used screenshots of Kang’s posts on Weibo as evidence in the legal notice. The leaker also shared his opinion on the matter on Weibo, saying he has never leaked photos of unreleased Apple products. Instead, the leaker tends to share his leaks as “dreams,” which another popular leaker, L0vet0dream, does as well. Thus, Apple claiming that the leaker’s “dreams” can give its competitors an undue advantage or mislead customers is a bit too far-fetched.

In spite of this, Kang will be cutting down on his “dreams” in the future. He is set to delete some of his previous leaks about unreleased Apple products. Kang is among the most reliable Apple leaker out there, and him not sharing details about upcoming Apple products in the future will definitely have some repercussions.

Other Apple leakers have also received similar letters from Apple’s legal team, and they might also stop sharing frequent information about upcoming Apple products. Most leakers do not have enough resources to fight a company like Apple in court and prove that their “dreams” are not misleading customers.

Apple’s legal team has also sent a warning letter to CConceptCreator who is known for creating concepts of upcoming iPhones based on leaks and rumors. It looks like Apple is finally doing everything it can to cut down on leaks, something which it first promised a few years ago.

[Via MacRumors]

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