September 23, 2022
Apple Car Key Feature Gets Detailed in iOS 13.6 Privacy Screens

Upcoming Apple Car Key feature is expected to offer a convenient way of adding a car key on your iPhone. The Car Key feature will let you unlock the car, and control other features without having to carry a physical key. On iOS 13.6, Apple has added details about how one could add Car Key to Apple Wallet.

Needless to say, Apple is likely to launch a Car Key with iOS 13.6 and not wait for iOS 14. Our guess is that Apple might announce this feature at the upcoming WWDC. The Car Key screenshot is in German and below is a translation of the same.

Wallet allows you to add and share car keys for certain vehicles. You can add a car key by logging into the vehicle manufacturer’s app or by entering a coupling code in Wallet to assert your claim as a vehicle owner and to pair your device with your vehicle. If the connection is successful, your device sends a one-time redemption token for the holder to Apple. Apple uses the redemption token, information about your Apple account and device, and your location details at the time of deployment (when location services are enabled) to prevent abuse.

Apple will work in tandem with the vehicle manufacturer and share a unique device ID with them. The device ID is unique for each vehicle and the manufacturer will link the device ID with other details. As we have already learned, you can share the Key with family members by using the “Invite” feature. Furthermore, Apple will generate and share yet another unique device ID for the card recipient with the vehicle manufacturer. As previously seen, you will be able to grant multiple access modes for the Car Key invite.

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Our View

Apple’s Car Key feature is likely to use ultra-wideband chip which is present in the iPhone 11 series. Meanwhile, NFC might be used for older generation iPhones. The description addresses privacy concerns and says “Apple does not collect or keep any data about vehicle use, such as when the card for the car keys was used to unlock or lock the vehicle. Your vehicle manufacturer can collect usage data of your vehicle in accordance with the agreements made with you.”

[via iPhone-Ticker]

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