Apple Approves ‘Hey’ Email App Following Drama, But the Fight’s Not Over

Apple Approves ‘Hey’ Email App Following Drama, But the Fight’s Not Over

After a lot of drama, Apple has finally gone ahead and approved the Hey email app on the App Store. The app was approved by Apple on Friday last week and the move even surprised Jason Fried, the CEO and founder of Hey.

The company is also making some changes to its app to ensure that it complies with the App Store guidelines. The v1.0.3 of the app, which is still pending approval, will introduce a new free trial of the email app for 14-days. Users will be able to sign up directly for it from within the app and get a temporary and random email ID valid for 14 days. After the trial period ends, users will have to sign up for the paid version of the service from the website.

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Additionally, the company has accelerated its multi-user HEY for Work offering and has managed to get thousands of businesses to join the waitlist. It has also shifted the entire Basecamp company email through Hey. With these two changes, the Hey email app will fulfill the App Store guidelines which should ensure that Apple’s App Store review team has no issues in passing updates for it.

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Basecamp CEO Jason also mentioned in his announcement that the company has set aside an “amazing” email address for Phil Schiller for free for life as a gift. After all, it made the changes to its app based on Phil Schiller’s suggestion, which apart from ensuring that it meets the App Store guidelines, has also helped in improving its usability.

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Apple’s decision to approve the Hey email app on the App Store comes at the right time ahead of WWDC 2020 later today. A lot of developers started expressing their anger at Apple following the Hey app drama. This move will put the focus back on the App Store and how it has helped generate billions of dollars for developers across the world.

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