Apple Announces 2020 Apple Design Award Winners

Apple Announces 2020 Apple Design Award Winners

Apple typically announces its winners for the Design Award at WWDC ever year. This year, since there was no physical event, Apple has announced the Apple Design Award via a press release. The company has highlighted eight apps and games for their outstanding and creative design.

Below are the eight apps and games that have won the Apple Design Award this year.

  • Darkroom – A powerful photo and video editor that is also extremely simple to use thanks to its intuitive controls.
  • Looom – Inspired by music creation tools and made for the iPad, Looom will let you learn how to create looping animations easily with its non-destructive workflow.
  • Shapr3D – A CAD app for iPad that will let you easily modify your existing architectural and technical drawings on the go. It also uses AR to allow users to preview their design in a real-world scale.
  • StaffPad – This iPad app is primarily meant for music composers and can convert handwritten musical motivations into digital music sheet.
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts – This is a pop album video game featuring “vibrant and surreal landscapes, mesmerizing visuals and motion, and thrilling and kinetic gameplay.”
  • Sky: Children of the Light – Players fly across the sweeping landscape in a magical kingdom to help celestial beings get back to heaven.
  • Song of Bloom – A unique game with a nonlinear tale that is packed with puzzles and ever-changing art styles.
  • Where Cards Fall – A slice-of-life adventure game where players build houses of cards for bringing their formative memories to life.
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All the above apps and games make use of various technologies from Apple including ARKit, Spatial audio, haptics, Metal engine, and more to deliver an immersive and superior experience.

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Do you use any of the apps and games mentioned above regularly on your iPhone or iPad? If so, what makes them stand out from other apps as per you?

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