Apple AirPods Pro Get Firmware Update to Version 2D27

Apple AirPods Pro Get Firmware Update to Version 2D27

Apple has released a new firmware for AirPods Pro. The latest firmware comes with a 2D27 build number and is already available to download and install. Previous AirPods Pro firmware was numbered 2D15.

This is the fourth AirPods Pro firmware update and unlike other Apple devices, the AirPods Pro doesn’t get beta builds. The thing about AirPods Pro firmware is that it gets installed automatically and there is no option for users to manually update the same. The update takes place when AirPods Pro is in a charging case and connected to the companion iOS/iPadOS device. Meanwhile, you can check current firmware on AirPods Pro by heading over to the Settings app, General, About, and AirPods Pro.

There is no information about the changes that come with new AirPods Pro firmware. One. Might recall that Apple announced a couple of new features for AirPods Pro at WWDC keynote. The iOS 14 adds a new auto-switching feature for AirPods. If you are watching a movie on your iPad and receive a call on iPhone then the AirPods will automatically switch to the iPhone.

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Apple has also added a new Spatial Audio feature that is exclusive for AirPods Pro. The spatial audio feature is aimed at offering surround sound experience. It uses directional audio algorithms and is activated when you watch video or audio tracks that support Dolby 5.1/7.1. It is plausible that new 2D27 AirPods Pro firmware will bring the new auto-switching and Spatial audio features. That said, your AirPods Pro should be paired with an iPhone or iPad running the latest iOS 14/iPad OS 14 for the new features to work.

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