8 Reasons Why It is Important to Have Integrity

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Maintaining a life of integrity is worthwhile and highly important to get to the top position in life. Dishonesty is the direct opposite of integrity. Avoid crooked living because it doesn’t take people far in life, it only cut life short and also prevents you from reaching your destination on time.

If you are in an aircraft and you look down through the window, you will discover how crooked a river is. What is the reason for the crookedness of the river? It is the inability to pursue a straight course. It always moves in the direction of minimal resistance, and as a result, moves here and there. Maintain a lifestyle of integrity. Don’t be like the river that I just described.

Although the way of integrity may seem unattainable to some people because they lack the discipline to maintain it. You can easily get to the top by crookedness and dishonesty but the only thing that can sustain you there is character. Embrace integrity at all costs and you’ll have nothing to lose.

Here are 8 reasons why it is important to have integrity;

1. Reliability

You’ll easily gain the trust of people when you’re reliable. People will naturally want to be associated with you. But in a situation where your lifestyle is questionable, you’ll have a hard time making good friends and getting favor from people. For instance, nobody wants to be associated with an armed robber or do any transactions with them because they are afraid that their money might be stolen. And again people with no parents will want their daughters to associate with prostitutes to avoid being influenced negatively.

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2. Good reputation

People will trust and give you more positive recommendations when you have a good image of yourself. People with integrity have high morals and this is reflected so much in who they are. For example, the government of a country can award the contract to the company, they will, first of all, undergo an underground study to ascertain if the company is worthy to handle the contract.

It is very crucial to maintain a good reputation so as not to miss your present and future possibilities.

3. You feel at peace

The peace and rest of mind you get from living a life of integrity is highly fulfilling. When you compromise, you will become afraid of the consequences of your actions. You will begin to worry and stress up, having unnecessary headaches. Desist the lifestyle o compromise and uphold integrity!

4. You become confident

Integrity makes you bold and secure. Confidence usually flows from a conscience that is void of offense towards God and man. Whenever your integrity is in place, your confidence is confirmed. Learn to embrace the way of integrity so as to eliminate timidity from your life.

5. You have good relationships

People will be naturally drawn to your direction when your integrity is in place. The absence of integrity will drive people away from your life.

Integrity is one of the quality traits that will naturally compel people in your direction. For those of you who are married or are in any form of relationship, it is crucial to understand that your partner will be more willing to share everything with you including their passwords if you’re a person of integrity.

6. You have quality sleep

Dishonesty deprives people of good sleep, the reason is that you will be worried or afraid of being caught or disgraced at any point in time. Being worried drives sleep away from your eyes. When you have good morals, you’ll enjoy a peaceful sleep.

7. You become admirable

One of the secrets of being admired by people is maintaining a high level of integrity. Integrity is a trait that is highly admired by many people in the world. Dishonest people are not admired and are not used as examples in any society.

8. You naturally become a leader

When you prove to your world that you’re a person that they can rely on for anything, then you become a qualified candidate for a leadership position. Dishonesty deprives people of authority. No organization or country will want to allow a dishonest person to rule them. That is to say that dishonesty dethrones while integrity enthrones.


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