7 Secrets to Make Her Want You More

Can you remember those days back in the days, when you and your wife couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Remember when she couldn’t wait to see you, couldn’t wait to get dressed up for you, and couldn’t wait to tear her clothes off for you?

Something happened, between then and now, and things are different. Now, you suggest a five-minute frolic in the sack, before heading out the door, and she rolls her eyes, asks you to take out the trash, and leaves for work without even a goodbye kiss.

Now, instead of going out on Friday night, having a fun date, followed by a hot night between the sheets, you Netflix and forget it. Half the time, you watch a movie and she works on her quilt.

Where did the love go? And how can you get it back?

This article offers 7 easy steps to regain lost ground and get back that loving feeling.

1. Communication Is Key

If you want more sex, you need to learn to communicate with your woman. Everyone knows that women talk. It’s how they connect. For men, this may not always feel comfortable or pleasant, but if you want sex, then you need to talk.

You don’t have to do all the talking, just give her space to speak. When a woman spends all day at work, or at home taking care of children, or at school, or wherever she is, she is not always communicating. She is working. She is mothering. She is learning. When she gets home, she wants to connect with you. The way she connects is through speaking.

Don’t freak out. You don’t have to sacrifice an hour of your life. But listen to her. She listened to you tell her about your day. Now, ask her how her day went. Look at her. Give her your full attention for a few minutes. Ask a question about how she’s doing.

Learning to communicate with your wife will not only create more closeness and intimacy, but it will likely improve your relationship overall.

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2. Rebuild Trust Between You

If you want more sex, then she needs to trust you.

This is not to say that you are untrustworthy. It is an opportunity for you to open up and be vulnerable, honest, and open with your partner. When you are genuine, then she feels connected. When she feels connected, then you get more sex.

Trust builds when you open yourself when you show up with integrity and authenticity. It is through living your truth, speaking your truth, and honoring yourself that you build trust with your partner.

Your relationship is the one place you can feel safe enough to be who you are. Trust your wife enough to let her see you as you are, without pretense or fabrication. As she trusts you more, then intimacy builds, and your sex life improves.

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3. Be Present

When you spend time with your partner, be present. Nothing is more irritating than trying to talk to someone who won’t look up from their phone. In marriage, in dating, at work, and in life in general, it is just plain rude to be glued to your phone. Yes, you are very important. Yes, you have lots of emails to check and texts to answer and scores to keep up with.

If your boss walked into your office to speak with you, you’d likely look up, stop what you were doing and give him your full attention. Your wife deserves the same respect. In fact, she deserves more respect than your boss.

Show your wife that she matters by looking at her. Engage with her. Work can wait. That very important email that you must answer immediately? It can wait. If you want to have more sex, then you need to be more present.

There is a direct correlation between how present you are in the moment, and how often you get laid. The more present, the more sex. Your partner wants to feel special and important. She isn’t going to enjoy having sex if you ignore her all day, then expect her to get busy between the sheets.

If you want her, then show her some attention. Let work go for the evening, or for the weekend. Let her feel important to you again. As she feels closer, intimacy increases and so does sex.

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4. Go for the Long, Slow Game

Men can be ready for sex at any time and any place. Women, on the other hand, need a build up. When you want to have more sex, then you need to think big picture.

Imagine making dinner. As a guy, you come home, throw something in the microwave, and eat in five minutes, while you sit in front of the TV. There is nothing wrong with microwave dinner once in a while. It’s quick, easy, and convenient.

For something more satisfying, you need to spend some time. Gathering ingredients, plugging in the Crockpot, consulting the recipe, and cooking it all day long. At the end of the day, a delicious, fragrant meal awaits, ready for you to enjoy. It takes some time and forethought, but is so satisfying when you finally sit down.

Sex with your wife is much the same. If you want a quickie, you can probably microwave in the shower before you get dressed for work. Doesn’t take much thought or effort, relieves some pressure, and gets the blood flowing for the day. If, however, you want to enjoy sex with your wife, then you need to look at the big picture.

Begin in the morning by kissing her neck while she gets dressed. Don’t grope her all over. Give her a tight squeeze while you nuzzle her neck. Don’t ruin the moment by announcing that you have five minutes if she wants to “do it” before work. Instead, tell her she smells good. Or she looks good. Then leave the room. Make her want more of you.

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Text her during the day. Sure, you’re busy at work. But you have time to use the bathroom, don’t you? You have time for lunch. During one of these quick breaks, send her a quick text telling her how she excites you, and that you can’t wait to see her tonight. Even if it isn’t true, send it anyway. You want to make her think of you in a positive light. If you send a sext full of vulgar language, she’ll probably roll her eyes and delete it. Even if you and your partner frequently sext with explicit language, you can get her juices flowing by stepping things back a notch and seducing her.

When you get home, kiss her, but don’t go overboard. Let her talk. Look at her. Kiss her again. When it’s time for bed, try giving her a back rub. Draw her a bath. Do things to relax her. Don’t put her on guard. Move slowly.

When you think long-term and big picture, and nurture the sensuous side of your wife, she will be more open and excited about sex.

5. Bring the Fun Back

Remember when you were younger and madly in love? You couldn’t wait to go out with your girl and you had fun. You laughed together. You teased each other and played. You had fun.

What happened to the fun? Work, family, and life all get in the way of fun, and soon everyone feels tired and unappreciated. Sex is the last thing your wife wants if she isn’t having any fun with you.

Think about things you used to enjoy doing together. Think about what you like doing, and take your wife to go do it. Don’t worry that she won’t like it. She wants to spend time with you. If you’re doing something you both enjoy, you’ll both have fun.

To have fun, you have to break out of the rut of work, sleep, work. Stop the cycle. Do something different. Get out of the house and go have fun.

When your wife is laughing with you, she feels connected. When she feels connected, she’ll be more inclined to want to have sex with you.

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6. Make Her Feel Beautiful

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and wanted. Once you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it can be hard to keep the fires of passion alive.

Buy her some sexy lingerie. The nightie pictured above is sexy, without being too revealing and making her feel self-conscious about her body. If you don’t know what size your wife wears, then you need to pay attention. Look at labels in her drawer. Ask her. Write it down and buy her something nice. Ask her to model it for you and tell her she looks stunning.

Tell her she looks beautiful before she heads out the door. Text her and tell her she’s the most beautiful girl you’ve ever known.

When your partner feels attractive, she’ll feel more like having sex.

7. Take Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself. Not only physically, but also emotionally. You can’t control anyone but yourself, and you can’t fix anyone but yourself. You can try to be a better husband, you can try to be a better partner, but you can only do your part.

Show up in your relationship as the best version of yourself. Bring your A-game to your life. This attitude not only improves your sexual relationship but also your life in general.

Take care of yourself physically. You’ll feel good about yourself, you’ll be happier, and you’ll be more productive. In addition, if you take care of your physical body, she may be more receptive to having sex.

Take care of yourself emotionally. You’ll be happier, you’ll feel satisfied regardless of the sex in your relationship. Your emotional well-being is important and it is in your hands.

Taking care of yourself means taking responsibility for your health. You can’t blame other people for how you take care of yourself. When you feel healthy, then you can show up in your relationship.

When you take care of yourself, then you show your respect for yourself. Your partner will open up and be receptive as she sees you taking care of you.

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