5 Secrets of Perpetual Impact in Life

So many people perform well at the starting but not sooner than later, you discover that their success did not stand the test of time.

This phenomenon does not only apply to business alone but every other aspect of life. For instance, you may see a man get married to a woman today, and in less than 6 months into the marriage, you discover that they are no more together, What happened? Divorce has set in. Yes, divorce and this is not common among the poor alone but also the rich people equally.

According to a report, Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos on 5 July 2019, divorced his wife Mackenzie after 25 years of marriage. As at the time of divorce, Mr. Bezos was the wealthiest man on earth.

Now, let me shock you a little bit more. In a recent report by CBC, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates have got divorced after 27 years of marriage.

Now, what are the secret of perpetual impacts in life?

1. Maintain God’s presence

The number one secret of living a life of perpetual impact is to maintain the presence of the Almighty God.

The presence of God guarantees love, joy, liberty, peace, tranquility, and lots more. Of course, you and I know that you cannot really get these from friends and family but only God.

2. Read books

The more books you read, the more your mind opens up to possibilities, ideas, and insights. Reading renovates mentality and pushes people to greater heights in life.

One of the things that are common among rich and successful people in the world is that they are avid readers. Do you want to make a perpetual impact in your generation? Then start reading today.

3. Associate correctly

A friend with an armed robber is likely to become an armed robber and a friend with a prostitute will likely become a prostitute within the shortest period of time. You’re are more likely to assimilate and exhibit the character of those you spend time with.

When you associate with successful people, you stand a greater chance of becoming successful. It is, therefore, crucial to choose your friends wisely.

4. Take a calculated risk

When it comes to taking risks, there’s something to be said for trusting your gut. But too many people confuse a gut instinct with fear.

They assume their discomfort means their gut is telling them not to proceed. So rather than step outside their comfort zone, they avoid the risks that could propel them forward.

Whether they stay stuck in a job they don’t like or pass up a new business opportunity, many people struggle to calculate risk. They assume if something feels scary, it must be really risky. But that’s not an accurate way to measure risk.

5. Be passionate about what you do

One of the secrets of perpetual impact is passion. When you have passion for what you do then you don’t need anybody to force you to do it. Passion means doing what you love.

When it comes to passion, money is not central. But notwithstanding money always flow in the direction of passion spontaneously.

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