3 Easy Steps to Reinstall Fortnite on iPhone and iPad

3 Easy Steps to Reinstall Fortnite on iPhone and iPad

Epic Games has decided to take Apple head-on for its App Store policies. The first casualty of this has been Fortnite which Apple removed from the App Store after Epic Games added a direct payment method to it. The removal means that you cannot download the game on your iPhone or iPad. This has even led to people selling iPhones and iPads with Fortnite pre-installed at a premium on eBay. However, you can still reinstall Fortnite on your iPhone from the App Store by following this guide.

The good thing about the App Store is that if you download an app once on your device, it will always be available for download even if the app is banned or removed from the store. So, if you had ever downloaded ‘Fortnite’ on your iPhone or iPad before, you can still download it on your device. Do note that you have to use the same Apple ID that you had used for downloading ‘Fortnite’ before.

Step #1: Go to Purchased Section in App Store

Open the App Store on your iPhone. Tap on the profile icon on the top-right corner followed by Purchased and then tap on My Purchases.

App Store My Profile Section

Step #2: Search for Fortnite

A list of all the apps and games that you have installed on your iPhone or iPad over the years will be shown. Scroll down to reveal the search bar and search for Fortnite.

Step #3: Install Fortnite

If you had installed Fortnite previously, it should show up in search results. Tap on the download icon near Fortnite to start the installation process.

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Fortnite App Store Download

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However, it’s sad as the above steps will only work for users who had previously downloaded ‘Fortnite.’ If you had never previously downloaded the game before, you are out of luck and you will have to wait until Apple and Epic Games sort out their issues and ‘Fortnite’ is reinstated on the App Store.



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