26 Ways To Know If A Girl Really Likes You

26 Ways To Know If A Girl Really Likes You
Figuring out if a girl truly likes you seem to be one of the most difficult tasks for men. Women can be hard to read and learning how to tell if a girl likes you can be helpful when deciding whether you should spend more time on developing a relationship with her. Whether you’re going on a first date or want to take things to the next level with a close friend, there are many signs a woman is into you.

Some girls will give you subtle hints like texting you throughout the day or getting nervous around you, while others will compliment you, laugh at your corny jokes or check you out from across the room. With so many different signals and examples, it can be confusing to know when she is attracted to you.

If you’re confused about whether a girl likes you or not, we’ve compiled this guide on how to tell if a girl likes you. From introducing you to her friends to positive body language, explore these 26 signs a girl likes you to know if she’s interested in you.

26 Ways To Know If A Girl Really Likes You

Signs A Girl Likes You

1. Her Family and Friends Know About You

If you meet her parents and they greet you with enthusiasm, there’s a good chance a girl has talked about you before. When they have a crush, women don’t hold back on gossip with their closest girlfriends, so if they recognize you without introduction, it’s a good sign that she really likes you. Many girls value the opinions of their loved ones and are picky about who they invite to family gatherings. If you’re being invited to events regularly and receive tip-offs from her closest friends about her feelings, you probably have the green light to ask her out. Just don’t let her know that they let things slip!

26 Ways To Know If A Girl Really Likes You

2. She Reschedules A Date She Can’t Make

When a girl is into you, she wants to see you and spend quality time together. While it’s disappointing to have a date canceled on you or not be able to make a specific day and time, you’ll know she likes you if she makes the effort to reschedule. Whether it’s a last-minute emergency or just a scheduling conflict with her best friends, making time for you is an indication that she cares.

If she didn’t, she’d let the prospect fade away or keep making excuses to avoid you. Over-eagerness is something you want to avoid as it may seem clingy, but if she’s actively trying to make herself available after canceling and isn’t trying to push you away, stay hopeful.

26 Ways To Know If A Girl Really Likes You

3. She Makes An Effort To Continue The Conversation

If a girl enthusiastically engages with you over the phone, by text, or in person, she’s likely into you and wants to keep the conversation going. If she’s actively communicating and asks fun and flirty questions, she’s interested in learning more about who you are as a person. Even if you aren’t talking late into the night yet, these conversations are helping her get to know you and allowing her to develop a level of comfort and trust. On the other hand, a girl that responds to your texts with one-word answers avoids your phone calls, and ignores you in person isn’t worth pursuing.

She Makes An Effort To Continue The Conversation

4. She Compliments You

It’s a tell-tale sign that a girl likes you if she showers you with compliments and goes out of her way to turn your bad day around. It can be tricky to know the difference between friendly compliments and more romantic ones, but if she’s smiling, complimenting your looks, and regularly asking you for selfies, there’s a good chance she is interested in you. Keep an ear out for unique compliments that she doesn’t offer everyone.

If she frequently gushes about a specific talent, your unmatched kindness, or a specific facial feature that she’s fixated on, you’ve got her hooked. Don’t forget to accept any compliments you’re given. It may not be in your nature, but it will validate her efforts and help bring you closer together.

She Compliments You

5. She Gets Nervous Around You

You may think all is lost if a girl is constantly fidgeting around you and avoiding eye contact. She may be disinterested in you and want to get away, but usually, this nervousness is down to her wanting to get things right when she speaks to you. To deal with her nerves, she may go completely silent or turn into a total chatterbox. If you don’t know each other well, ease her into a conversation by cracking a few jokes. You may make a fool out of yourself, but it should break the ice and make her more comfortable.

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26 Ways To Know If A Girl Really Likes You

6. She Wants You To Feel Good and Be Happy

It may sound obvious, but a girl who likes you will want you to feel good and be happy. It’s difficult to know how this will present itself, but she may surprise you up by organizing a movie night or letting you vent about your bad day on an hour-long phone call. If she truly likes you, she won’t be afraid to put your needs above hers on occasion. Whether that means a late night from giving you a pep talk or joining as your partner in a laser tag tournament, she’ll be there for you in a jiffy.

She Wants You To Feel Good and Be Happy

7. Her Body Language Is Positive and Welcoming

Open and welcoming body language shows that she’s comfortable around you. The tells may be subtle, but if you look at her positioning, you can quickly figure out whether she’s open to a romantic connection. An open sitting position with shoulders back and legs relaxed signals that she’s comfortable and free around you.

Conversely, women sitting in a hunched position with their legs tightly crossed may be trying to spot the nearest emergency exit. If she points her feet in your direction while you’re speaking, it shows that she’s focused on you and is interested in what you have to say. If a woman deliberately moves closer to you during a conversation or reaches out to touch you, it’s unlikely that you’re being placed in the friend-zone!

Her Body Language Is Positive and Welcoming

8. She Remembers Things You Tell Her

It’s common courtesy to pay attention to someone while they’re speaking, but she might be attracted to you if she can remember everything you’ve told her during your conversations. Regardless of how meaningless they may have seemed at the time, a girl that likes you will remember everything from your birth date to the color of your first bike. This attention to detail will show just how much she values your time together.

She Remembers Things You Tell Her

9. You Catch Her Staring At You At Random Times

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and if you catch a girl staring at you, she probably finds you fascinating. Along with deliberate and sustained eye contact, being caught checking someone out regularly is an excellent sign that a girl likes you. If she’s shy, she may look away and start blushing. However, more confident girls may use this awkward encounter to strike up a conversation. Keep an eye on her reaction to being asked questions around you in public; if she looks to you subtly before answering, it’s a sure sign that she values your opinion and is considering her response carefully.

You Catch Her Staring At You At Random Times

10. She Makes Time For You

Even the busiest women will make time for the people they care about. If she pencils you into her social calendar regularly, you can be certain she’s into you. Whether she invites you along to hangouts with her friends or never misses the chance to text you goodnight, allocating time to you shows that she enjoys your company and wants to see you more often. Reciprocate this thoughtfulness by making yourself available to her in equal measure.

She Makes Time For You

11. She Lets You Know She’s Single

Whether she says it with a straight face or jokes about her availability on the reg, a girl letting you know she’s single makes her intentions clear. Some girls may be more subtle with their hints than others, but if she’s constantly talking about her cousin’s wedding in six months that she needs a date for, don’t be afraid to grab the opportunity with both hands. The next time she discusses her single life, seize the day and ask her on a date! It’s worth the risk if it plays out in your favor.

She Lets You Know She’s Single

12. She Reciprocates Your Sweet Gestures

A girl that likes you will want to show that she appreciates your sweet gestures. It’s one thing to thank you for running an errand or sending her flowers, but if she actively tries to match your efforts it’s a great sign for things to come. There are many different ways a girl might reciprocate a sweet gesture so the sign doesn’t need to be outlandish. A simple homemade cupcake on your birthday, a good luck text before a big test, or a cute call to say “good night” is more than enough evidence that she’s into you.

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She Reciprocates Your Sweet Gestures

13. She Asks For Your Help On Little Things

If she’s constantly asking you to open jars for her or drags you to the grocery store to reach the high shelves, be flattered. She may be a true weakling or extremely short, but it’s more likely that she wants you to be her knight in shining armor. Her inability to perform simple tasks around you may seem strange at first, but it will click into place when you realize it’s all a clever ruse!

She Asks For Your Help On Little Things

14. She Opens Up To You

When a girl starts to develop feelings for someone, she’ll be more inclined to share intimate details about her life. As she becomes more vulnerable with you, you’ll gather interesting insights into her behavior. Maybe she’s reluctant to trust people due to a past relationship, or she’s shy because she was never allowed to come out of her shell as a child. Whatever she chooses to share with you, keep it to yourself and know that she trusts you deeply.

She Opens Up To You

15. She Asks You Deep Questions (and Encourages You To Share)

When a girl is into you, she’ll ask personal questions to get to know you on a deeper level. If she’s looking for friendship or just not that into you, she might just play nice and maintain a basic friendly conversation, but won’t really dive deep into who you are as a person. However, if she suddenly becomes the world’s most curious female, you can be certain that she likes you. She may test the waters with simple questions, but she’ll gradually ask about important things if she thinks you’re relationship material.

If she asks about your life growing up and encourages you to share your hopes and dreams for the future, it means she wants to connect and understand the type of partner you would be. Smart guys will also start asking good questions to demonstrate interest, maturity, and social skills.

She Asks You Deep Questions

16. She Laughs At Your Jokes

Even if you tell the worst jokes in the world, a girl that likes you will always offer up a laugh or two. She’ll know you’re trying to make her smile with your corny dad jokes, and laughter is probably her way of showing that she appreciates the effort. If you’re a perfect match, she may find you genuinely funny. This is when you know you’ve hit the jackpot as your senses of humor will be totally in sync.

She Laughs At Your Jokes

17. She Shows You Her Dorky Side

If she suddenly starts gushing about her Star Wars obsession or lets her snort-laugh break free, her dorky side is beginning to come out. Some women aren’t afraid to let the whole world see this side of them, but most reserve it for those they feel comfortable around. Seeing this side of her is a huge privilege and it shows that she’s happy to be herself around you. Once you’ve broken down her walls, feel free to let your inner nerd burst forth!

She Shows You Her Dorky Side

18. She Likes To Touch You

She may be nervous around you initially, but if a woman starts engaging in physical touch, it may be a sign that she likes you. If she sits close to you, touches your arm frequently when she speaks, or makes every excuse to invade your personal space, it’s a good sign she is into you. When she breaks the touch barrier repeatedly during your hangout session, you should reciprocate this behavior by lightly touching her arm.

If you’re feeling nervous, pretend to brush an eyelash away from her face and see how she responds. When a girl reacts positively to physical touch, it’s an indication of trust and comfort. Before you get too excited, beware that some girls are naturally tactile. Keep an eye on her interactions with others to avoid disappointment! Just make sure that you are always respectful of her personal space.

She Likes To Touch You

19. She Smiles At You Often

If a girl smiles at you often, it shows that she’s warm and open to getting to know you better. A real smile is quite difficult to fake, and you’ll know quickly whether it’s one of politeness or genuine interest. In basic body language terms, a wide smile is a welcoming gesture and lets you know that you’re in her good books.

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She may smile at you in conversation, but it’s even better if she catches your eye across the room and gives you a subtle grin. Not only does this show that she’s actively seeking you out in a sea of countless dating prospects, but it confirms that she can’t help but feel giddy when she looks at you.

She Smiles At You Often

20. She Responds Quickly To Your Texts

She needn’t respond to texts at lightning speed to show her interest, but if she gets back to you in good time it shows that she wants to keep your conversation alive. If you initiate texting, interested girls usually get back in a flash. This isn’t to appear overly keen, it’s just a sign that she’s excited to hear from you! One-word responses don’t bode well, but questions, jokes, and even emojis can indicate that she’s open to exploring a deeper connection with you. If she drops you a sweet message out of the blue, that’s even better.

She Responds Quickly To Your Texts

21. She Invites You To Meet Her Friends

Being invited to meet a girl’s inner circle is like winning the lottery; it’s incredibly difficult to do but is super rewarding if it happens! If she introduces you to her friends, it’s a sign that she’s looking to slot you into her life alongside her nearest and dearest. Not only does this show that she likes you, but it opens the doors to awesome group hangouts down the line. Be sure to nail the first meeting though; if you’re rude to her best friend and don’t get their seal of approval, prepare to be unceremoniously ghosted.

She Invites You To Meet Her Friends

22. She Takes You To Her Favorite Places

If a girl brings you along to one of her favorite places for a hangout session, she thinks you deserve to see the most intimate, private side of her. There’s nothing worse than seeing people you hate at your ultimate comfort spot, so she’s unlikely to reveal her beloved coffee shop, restaurant, or bookstore if she doesn’t think you’re cool enough to set foot in them. Once you’ve explored her favorite places, introduce her to some of your own and discuss what makes them special to you.

She Takes You To Her Favorite Places

23. She Wants To Hang Out All Day Together

When a girl likes you, she’ll love spending time with you. If she leaves entire days open for trips, adventures or even a movie marathon, it’s a strong sign that she can’t get enough of you. Don’t allocate all your time to her, but it’s worth taking her on a cute date that lasts all night. This way you can go on an adventurous trip during the day and dial up the romance factor once the sun sets.

She Wants To Hang Out All Day Together

24. She Teases You

Teasing is a classic flirting technique that shows up when a girl is letting her guard down around you. If she’s mean to you then she probably doesn’t like you, but if she teases you for your nerdy action figure collection or calls you by a ridiculous childhood nickname, she’s just being playful. To try and gauge her interest, check out her body language while she’s teasing you. If she adds physical touch to the mix and plays with her hair, she’s in full flirt mode.

She Teases You

25. She Sends You Cute Selfies

Even if she’s the queen of Snapchat or Instagram and posts to social media platforms regularly, sending you private cute selfies is a sign that she wants your undivided attention. If her pictures are on the sexy side, she may be trying to stay at the forefront of your mind or leave you wanting more. If they’re lighthearted or funny, she could be revealing her unique sense of humor. Whatever she’s trying to accomplish with her selfies, be sure to reciprocate the gesture by sending some shots of your own!

She Sends You Cute Selfies

26. She Asks You What You Look For In A Girl

If she’s asking what you look for in a girl, she’s trying to figure out what your ideal woman looks like and whether or not she is what you want. She shouldn’t completely change herself for you, but she might be looking for ways to determine your compatibility. This would be an odd question to ask a friend, so if you hear these words leave her lips, you probably have a full-blown crush on your hands.

She Asks You What You Look For In A Girl

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