17 Things From the Past That Can Still Be Considered Cool in Today

Picking up a vinyl record from a store that has a pair of female panties attached to it isn’t something you see every day. What you also don’t see every day is a toilet paper dispenser that is also a radio. Things like this can make you feel very nostalgic for the past in the sweetest way possible.

Searching through we have picked 17 photos that, no matter how many years go by, will always be considered gems.

1. “My mom has an unopened Alice Cooper record from 1972, complete with panties.”

2. “I found this ring in the dumpster! Had it appraised and found out it’s a handmade gold ring from the ’60s-’70s! 14k gold band is worth $200+.”

3. “Gotta clean it but found this Söwe-Konst nut bowl at a yard sale for $5! Internet says it’s rare and valued around $200-300.”

4. “One of my favorite finds: my burger phone”

5. “This cassette carousel, aka the ’70s playlist.”

6. “AM transistor radio from Goodwill”

7. “Found for $7 at Goodwill, with film inside! I’m going on a road trip soon and this is going to make it so much more fun!”

8. “Vintage light switch cover.”

9. “Solid brass candlewick trimmer with a snuffer from the 1800s or earlier for $2.50”

10. “So I bought this thing, giant fish lure mailbox, for $4.99.”

11. “Picked up this cane from 1884 at my neighborhood GW for 5.99.”

12. “I restored an old cast iron kettle. This was the longest amount of time I’ve ever had a single piece in electrolysis.”

13. “Found this 1934 first edition Mary Poppins in the trash of the building I work in.”

14. “Found this tiny toaster oven that can only fit half of a slice of sourdough for $7.”

15. “I have a vintage Monopoly set dating back to 1936.”

16. “Vintage creepy wine and bottle opener”

17. A Victorian era cast iron radiator with food warmer.

Have you discovered any treasures at thrift stores or charity shops? Or maybe at a relative’s old house that no one had unearthed for years?

Article source: brightside.me

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